Okanagan U-Pick cherries & RV Camping - Dickinson Family Farm - Summerland, B.C.

U-Pick Cherries Cherries

Dickinson Family Farm produces some of the sweetest and juiciest cherries that are grown in Summerland.

We do not pick our cherries until the sugar level is as high as it is supposed to be. We can show you how we test the sugar if you are interested...please just ask!

We grow 6 different variety of cherries. The Rainier or "white" cherries are one of the most popular. The Vans, which are very juicy and crunchy are a very popular dark variety.

Many people wonder why we only let them pick on certain trees and they have to use a ladder even though the next tree is loaded with cherries and are on low branches.

This is for a few reasons. The next tree may be a different kind of cherry and not ready to harvest. We like to keep some lower spots for small children and seniors to pick. Ladders are difficult for them to use.

We are giving you a true orchard experience; picking cherries like it has been done for many, many years! No automation here, just the way our family has done it for over 100 years!

U-Pick Cherries our now over for the season.

We look forward to seeing you in July 2022!